Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Travel alone or with a group?
Yes, but typically the larger your group size, the less expensive tuition will be per person. 
Will somebody be waiting for me in every destination?
 Yes, there is always somebody waiting for you in every destination. 
Should I bring extra cash?
Depending on the length of your program anywhere from $300-600 per person for spending money, tips, airport taxes and meals that are on your own.
Does AKL offer a travel insurance?
Yes we do. 
What if I miss my flight?
The insurance company covers it. 
Should I bring cash or traveller's check?
 Either is fine although cash is the easiest to exchange and most places accept US dollars.
How can I contact Amazon King International?
Please Click Here to Visit our Contact Us Page. 
Who will lead my trip?
Expert and Professional tour guides. 
Is Peru safe?
We consider Peru a safe destination at this time. In more than 20 years of operating trips to Peru, none of our travelers has had a problem with safety, whether in the cities or on the trail. 
Do I need a visa?
 Travelers with a US passport do not need a visa.
Do I need any shots?
No vaccinations are required for travel between Peru and the US (except for travelers visiting Puerto Maldonado where Yellow Fever is required). Call the Center for Disease Control Travelers’ Hot Line at 888-232-3228 or visit the website www.cdc.gov. Most travelers take Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever and Tetanus. If traveling to the Amazon region consider Malaria prophylaxis and Yellow fever. 
Are ATM machines available?
Yes. There are ATM machines in cities such as Lima and Cusco although we do not recommend their use because you are at a greater risk of being robbed. Some thieves make a habit of watching these machines and target tourists and others who take out large amounts of cash. 
What will the weather be like?
Cool in the mountains (Cusco, Arequipa and Lake Titicaca) with daytime highs in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s and nighttime lows between 30°F and 42°F. Hot and humid at Machu Picchu and in the Amazon with daytime highs in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s and nighttime lows in the upper 50’s to low 70’s. For current temperatures and forcasts visit www.weather.com 
How high is Machu Picchu?
Machu Picchu is actually lower in elevation than the city of Cusco (7,874′ versus 11,150′). 
Can I fly directly to Cusco,Peru for the start of the tour?
There are some direct flights to Cusco, Peru if you are departing from a city in south America. All flights from the US and Canada fly directly to Lima, Peru.