The Amazon King Story

Amazon King was started with the idea of bringing people to learn in and about the Amazon to create jobs in the local community. Demetrio Villacorta wanted to build an eco-lodge. He began by selling and running tours, transportation and guides in the Amazon River Basin. He began to expand his operations and decided to research the most ideal location and build an ecological reserve. After many years of searching for a proper location and overcoming many hurdles in the government and in the community plus a few years of construction, the beautiful development was finally completed!

The Amazon King team has built  schools, churches, water wells and clinics and continue to plan many other community development projects. Amazon King has worked closely with and served host to the Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, U.S. to help with the funding and construction of many of these projects. The initiative is called project Peru and is still going on today. We have successfully managed many development projects and continue to help the communities, serve the visitors to Iquitos and maintain the natural habitat of the Amazon for generations to come. The current lodge first opened for business in July 2009 and we have since been continuing to grow rapidly and known as one of the best value tour operators in Iquitos, our prices are unmatched.

The Amazon King is operated by the Villacortas, originally from San Pedro Marupa region and the Yagua Tribal background 150 miles the down the amazon towards Brazil locations where the Villacorta’s were born. We hope that you will come and see the Amazon King and witness our sustainable eco-tourism for yourself and to help fulfill our mission: The Amazon King strives to provide exhilarating and up-close experiences with the Amazonian wildlife, positive interactions with the indigenous people and unforgettable learning opportunities; all with the utmost service, hospitality and safety.

Amazon King specializes in one to five day Amazon river and jungle adventures.

We offer fair prices, excellent accommodations, and experienced guides to ensure satisfaction. The Amazon King Lodge in the heart of the Amazon is an ideal location for wildlife viewing and interaction with the indigenous people of the area. All of our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, showers and comfortable beds, the lodge is a quiet and tranquil place to connect with nature. We are active in the local community and engage in ecologically friendly practices that not only help environment but the local economy as well. You will have the chance to observe exotic pink and grey dolphins, wild monkeys, crocodiles, and many species of birds, all in their natural habitat.

Activities include: visits to the local communities, hikes in primary rain forest, night tours of the jungle, knowledge of medicinal plants, birdwatching, canoe rides, fishing, visits to the Yagua Indians and much, much more. Our unbeatable prices include all transportation, lodging, meals, and most importantly, a knowledgeable and experienced English and Spanish speaking guide. We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people and have a great deal of experience doing so. We offer phone and internet services so you can remain connected during your stay.